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Daniel J. Meckel, Ph.D., LCSW-C

Psychotherapy services
of Dupont Circle

Effective psychotherapy engages the whole person, individually, in the context of a strong and unique therapeutic relationship

These are the conditions of change 

They foster . . .

A Deeper Sense of

Self-Worth and Identity

Insight and


Better Quality

of Relationships

The Alleviation of

Distressing Symptoms

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Psychotherapy Services of Dupont Circle

Dr. Daniel J. Meckel

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Daniel J Meckel


Daniel Meckel offers psychotherapy and psychoanalysis for people who are suffering from depression and anxiety, grappling with life changes and decisions, coping with loss or the effects of trauma, and struggling in important relationships.  He integrates mindfulness-based practices into his work and offers workshops on mindfulness for stress and anxiety and for the management of tinnitus distress.  

 When indicated, Dr. Meckel facilitates adjunct forms of treatment such as EMDR, trauma-sensitive yoga therapy, or physical therapy.  When medication appears to be potentially useful in conjunction with psychotherapy, and the patient wants it, Meckel works closely with a psychiatric colleague, often putting together a therapeutic team.

Dr. Meckel also offers both psychotherapy and psychoanalysis at a distance via secure tele-conferencing. 

 Daniel Meckel has extensive experience working with individuals who wish to explore and deepen their understanding of the role that religion and spirituality have played in their lives --  positive or negative and of any orientation.   He is also experienced in working with people who come from a wide range of cultural settings.


Daniel J Meckel is a seasoned  psychotherapist, educator, and writer.

You are invited to explore this site to learn more about how Dr. Meckel can be of help and to get started in working with him.  This site will tell you more about Daniel Meckel's background and approach, the services he offers, his fees and insurance, and how to get in touch with him.  You will also find Dr. Meckel's blog, where you can read his entries on various topics, such as common questions about psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, how to find the right therapist, and cultural and religious issues in the context of therapy.   

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Psychotherapy Services
of Dupont Circle

1555 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington DC 20036


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